What We Do

The Munro Hampton Florida chapter focus is primarily for educational and tuition assistance to approximately 30 students at each school based on need and educational performance.

Our donations this past year were:

  • $3,000 to HOGA for student scholarships and to  assist with transportation and educational supplies.
  • $2,500.00 to MCOBA to assist students with transportation expenses.
  • $500 to Steve Harle Fund scholarships to assist students nearby in the Munro community.
  • $500 to Sheridan House Florida housing accommodation for children with behavioral issues.

In addition, members donated funds to help defray expenses for Munro College UN Assembly team’s February trip to NY and Hampton’s Echoes July performance in Kingston.

Our donations to Munro and Hampton over the past three years are approximately $6,000 annually. We would like to increase funds raised to $10,000 or more as the need is truly much greater. There are many requests to assist students with hardships which we can’t address, but endeavor to do what we can.

We encourage you to attend our fundraising events, but if you cannot, please donate  here or click on the dues/donations link on the main navigation bar.